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Who Killed Marion Leroy

Bafflers: The Popular Detective Story Game
The Thriller Library, Feb. 20, 1932 — Vol. 6, No. 159

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The Solution

Who Killed Marion Leroy

(1) The prints on the butt were Dick Sherrington's and those on the barrel were Mervyn Holts.

(2) Mervyn Holt

(3) Marion Leroy was in Girolle's power through the drugs which he supplied her. He had held her of money until in desperation she had tried to persuade her lover, Sherrington, to kill him and save her.

She had been too afraid to let either Sherrington or Holt know her vice until at last she could face it no longer. Sherrington had gone to Marion Leroy's flat before committing his crime and had been involved in a passionate love scene with the girl when Holt had entered the flat and found them.

Holt, mad with jealousy, had pulled a gun – he had many enemies and was in the habit of carrying a weapon – and fired at the girl who betrayed him. Sherrington had fired back with the gun with which he had intended to kill Girolle, and, missing, had hit the picture. A struggle had followed, in which Hold had seized Sherrington's gun, wrenched it from him, and struck hi m a blow which sent him pitching to the floor. He had struck his head against the bookcase and became unconscious.

Then Holt left. When Sherrington had come round an hour later he had realized what had happened and made his escape through the window and down the fire-escape. Being rather dizzy, he had stumbled and fallen, but had made his car and driven off.

Girolle's servant, seeing the police arrive and realizing something of what had happened, had 'phoned his master, who, knowing his danger of being discovered as a dope pedlar, had ordered him to bring what luggage he could and come to him so that they might make their escape.

Unfortunately, the servant overlooked the drugged cigarettes in the cupboard, but the 'phone call proved the Girolle could not have been in the flats at the time of the murder.

The main point in the case was that the man whose fingerprints were on the butt on the gun found in the flat much have been the one standing at the far end of the room close to Miss Leroy, as the bullet from that gun lodged in the picture, while the prints on the barrel must be from those of the man who attacked him and came at him from the direction of the doorway, that is, facing Miss Leroy.

~ The End ~


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