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The Man Who Would Not Die by Harold Ward
Supernatural Mystery

The Man Who Would Not Die

by Harold Ward

Black Mask | Sept. 1920 | Vol. 1, No. 6 THE RED FILE | Jun. 4, 2017 | Vol. 4 No. 12 Casefile No: 55ccf75fb3901011515aef30

What is death, my dear inspectors? Who knows? No one but me. What is the human body? Only a prison in which the soul is confined — a piece of clay to be discarded at will. God kills when he wishes. Why not I? It suited my purpose to use the mortal form of Mrs. Winters, and I took it.

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by George Dilnot

Magda Stewart had asked for his help and now she was missing. Could Elver find the girl before it was too late?

Table of Contents
  1. A Lady in Trouble
  2. Elver Receives A Warning
  3. A Successful Frame-Up
  4. Beneath the Castle
  5. Theories
  6. In The Lion’s Den
  7. Crossed Swords
  8. Crook Schemes
  9. The Torture Chamber
  10. Elver Finds A Way
  11. Cards On The Table
  12. Haggle’s Last Throw

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