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The Abandoned House

by Buelah Poynter

Part 3 Summary:

Her story complete, the woman disappeared into the night …

part 4:

Newspapers report the Judge's death by … suicide!

Chapter 4

The Truth

Two days later, picking up a New York newspaper, I read the headlines: “Judson MacPherson, well-known justice of the Criminal Court, commits suicide in abandoned house in the Catskill Mountains.”

Then followed a half-column account of the act in detail. MacPherson having gotten into financial difficulties had chosen the coward’s way out, so said the paper. A letter announced his intention of dying, and gave the location where to find his body. The paper also stated that the knowledge he had recently married a young and beautiful actress came as a distinct surprise to his friends. A picture of his bride accompanied the article.

The wistful, almost tragic, face pictured was unquestionably that of the woman who said she had killed him!

I stared at Alan as I handed him the newspaper.

“Was she lying?” I gasped.

He shook his head.

“If so, she was a clever actress,” he answered. “But one thing is certain, we’ll never know the truth. Either way he brought about his own death.”

·      THE END      ·