The Decoy by Robert Murray

The Decoy

by Robert Murray


The door was flung open and the tall crook stormed into the room in which the gang were grouped. His finger shot out towards Rackway. “That man,” he snarled.” That man is an impostor — a spy!”


Chapter 1

The Suspect

Without raising the question as to whether he was aware of the fact or not, it can he definitely stated that Inder Rackway was a marked man from the moment he disembarked from the S.S. Cadonia at Southampton, and took his seat in the bout-train that was waiting to convey him and his fellow-passengers to London.

The train was not the only thing that had been waiting for the Cadonia to berth, after her long voyage from Australia. Certain officials at Scotland Yard were not altogether disinterested in the movements of Mr. Inder Rackway, and Inspector Wool, of the Special Branch of the C.I.D., was one of them.

Several hours after the Cadonia had left Melbourne, and set their course for the British Isles, Inspector Wool was handed a decoded cablegram that had been dispatched by the head of the Melbourne police.

“Edward Loot, alias ‘French’ Edwards, alias Inder Rackway, international crook, sailed for Southampton aboard the Cadonia. Please note movements and report.”

The story continues … buy it today and find out why the Inspector Wool is tasked to keep tabs on the mysterious Rackway!

Table of Contents
  1. The Suspect
  2. Green Mask
  3. The Mysterious Parcel
  4. Mr. Wool Is Annoyed
  5. The Mystery Develops
  6. Danger
  7. Torture!
  8. The Final Clash

Additional Info

  • MBIN No: 55ccf75fb3901011515af012
  • Length: ~ 76 pages (depending on ereader font and font size)
  • Original Publication: The Thriller | Dec. 28, 1929 | Vol. 1, No. 47
  • Republication Date: Nov 15, 2016