The cover of The Illustrated Detective Magazine featuring stories from Carrington and Cohen.

Witness Stand

The Illustrated Detective Magazine | Sept. 1931 | Vol. IV, No. 3

Today, two of our authors, contributors to The Illustrated Detective Magazine that has been featured on in recent weeks, take the chair and tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing bu the truth, concerning themselves for the benefit of the reader.

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Again we place on the records the results of a brief investigation into the lives and habits of two outstanding contributors to The Illustrated Detective Magazine. The authors of “Science Fingerprints a Ghost” and “The Hollywood Bridal Night Murder” (both of which will be available on the site in coming weeks!) have submitted to our questioning.

Summarizing the involved cross-examination:

Hereward Carrington

Herewood Carrington
"Herewood Carrington"

Hereward Carrington was born October 17, 1880. He was educated in England and this country, and became a member of the Society for Psychical Research in 1900, when but nineteen years of age. He has made this subject his lifework ever since, visiting Europe several times in the course of his investigations, as well as traveling all over the U. S, and Canada.

He has “sat” with nearly all the important mediums, during the past thirty years, and has carried on an extensive correspondence with the more prominent researchers throughout the world. He is a Member of the Society for Psychical Research, permanent American delegate to the International Psychical Congresses — attending , the first, held in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1921 — Research Officer of the American Psychical Institute and Laboratory, and was a member of the “Scientific American” Committee of five, appointed to investigate occult phenomena.

Probably nowhere in the world is there a person who has devoted himself so completely and so wholeheartedly to the investigation of psychic phenomena as Dr. Carrington.

He attended more then half a hundred seances with the medium Margery, and as many with the famous Eusapia Palladino; he has “sat” also with Mrs. Piper.

He is the author of some seventy books on psychic and allied topics, covering all phases of the subject. His latest book “The Story of Psychic Science,” is a complete summary of the subject from the Greek Oracles to date. Dr. Carrington is thus a noted author and lecturer, as well as an investigator of international repute, and has earned for himself a reputation of being a sane, cautious worker along these lines. His estimates of phenomena may always be taken as fair, clear, and impartial.

Dr. Carrington is also noted as a bridge player, and has published a book on the subject. He is tall; his hair is almost white; and he is distinctly good-looking. At one time he estimated that if all the time he had spent in a dark room (for his seances) was put together, it would amount to three years.

Beyond this point, the Court ruled, Dr. Carrington need not testify. All further facts concerning his work could be found in his writing.

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Octavus Roy Cohen

Octavus Roy Cohen
"Octavus Roy Cohen"

Octavus Roy Cohen was born in Charleston, South Carolina, on the twenty-sixth day of June, 1891.

He attended — but insists was not educated in — the Porter Military Academy. After intermediary years in which he devoted himself to newspaper work, and the law, he sold his first story (the 130th he had written!).

Mr. Cohen alternated thereafter between his continued assaults on editorial citadels.

One series of his negro short stories has run over thirteen years.

In 1914 he married, and since 1915 has made his home in Birmingham, Alabama. In 1916 his son was born and Mr. Cohen reports that helping the boy with his homework has been giving him a belated education.

In 1927 Birmingham-Southern College made him a Doctor of Literature.

Mr. Cohen has always been an enthusiast on sports, playing handball at least three times a week. He enjoys golf and tennis, is a baseball fan and a lover of football.

Basketball, six-day bicycle racing and ice hockey are also among his hobbies. In the South he is considered a football authority.

At one time he was known as an amateur boxer.

In personal appearance he is five feet, eight inches tall; blond; slender; weighs 145 pounds in his clothes.

He has sold more than forty motion pictures, twenty-three books, and has had five plays produced.

He is a member of the Authors’ League of America, Roebuck Golf and Country Club (Birmingham), Artists’ and Writers’ Golf Association, Omicron Delta Kappa fraternity and Birmingham Athletic Club.

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